How are Warmies heated?

There are two ways to heat the Warmies:

MICROWAVE OVEN: 800 Watts for 90 seconds.

CONVENTIONAL OVEN: Max 100° for 10 minutes.

Attention! place the stuffed animals in a pyrex dish before putting them in the oven; be sure they do not touch the sides of the oven and that the grill is not on.

Can i wash the Warmies

Yes: all the Warmies can be dry cleaned. The animals with the removable sachet can also be machine washed after extracting the sachet containing the millet and lavender.

Can the Warmies only e heated?

No: the Warmies can also be placed in the freezer to reduce fever or in case of bruises. Just insert the warmies in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for at least one hour.

How long do the Warmies remain warm?

If heated correctly, the Warmies remain warm for more than one hour; this depends however on the temperature of the environment in which the Warmies are used.

Can Warmies be used by children of all ages?

Yes: the Warmies can be used even by toddlers.

For them, though, it is advisable to use those without fur or the lines: MINIONS, SOCKY DOLL, DELUXE.

What is the stuffing made of?

Inside, the Warmies contain a mix of lavender and millet seeds. The millet holds the heat and releases it gradually while the lavender scent has a calming and relaxing effect.

Are the Warmies safe?

Yes. All the Warmies respect toys safety directives EN 71 1/2/3.

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